Naperville Animal Hospital – Pet Grooming

Regular brushing of your pet helps to remove dirt and dead hair. This prevents uncomfortable matting and also can reduce your pet’s shedding. Brushing your pet regularly also stimulates the pet’s skin by promoting blood flow.

If you choose to groom your pet at home, remember to use a good-quality shampoo for dogs or cats. Some pet stores and veterinary offices carry shampoo and conditioning products specially formulated for certain kinds of pet hair. For instance, some pet shampoos work to brighten the coats of white dogs and cats and others prove effective on coarse, curly hair. Never use harsh soaps such as dishwashing liquid on your pet, because the chemicals contained in these products can dry the skin and even cause itching and inflammation.

If you have a dog with a difficult cut or especially long or thick hair, you should consult a professional pet groomer. Professional pet groomers have all of the equipment necessary to deal with large amounts of hair, as well as the tools to provide an expert cut. Moreover, because professionals deal with pets all day long, they possess the skills to calm a nervous pet during the grooming process.

Even if you have a short-haired dog or cat, you should bring your pet in to a groomer at least once a year to ensure healthy ears and nails. Just like people, pets like to feel good about themselves. Give your pet a beauty treatment soon!


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