Keeping Your Pet Safe through the Holidays, by Naperville Animal Hospital

With a home full of guests, seasonal plants, rich foods, and other distractions, pet owners can easily overlook important hazards for their animals during the holidays. Naperville Animal Hospital sees an increase in admissions around Christmas, with many cases due to preventable causes.

The holidays typically see new plants introduced into the home, and many of them can be poisonous for animals. Potentially toxic holiday plants include poinsettias, mistletoe, holly, and Christmas tree needles. Similarly, tinsel and ornaments pose choking hazards for pets, and they should be kept out of their reach.

Naperville Animal Hospital

Food is perhaps the No. 1 holiday hazard for pets. Chocolate can be fatal even in small doses, especially for smaller pets, while bones and other table scraps can cause choking and indigestion. Nuts and raisins, common in many holiday treats, can lead to problems such as throat obstruction and kidney damage. A few minor precautions can ensure a happy and healthy holiday season for humans and pets alike.

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