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Naperville Animal Hospital provides quality comprehensive veterinary services on a non-appointment system. As a supporter of animal adoption, Naperville Animal Hospital does volunteer work at several local humane societies.

Bringing a new puppy home is exciting for all involved, and it is important to help the puppy acclimate to its new home and learn good habits. Since puppies often bond most strongly to those who first bring it home, it is typically advised that whomever the puppy should be attached to are present when it is picked up. The puppy can either sit on a passenger’s lap or be put in a crate for the car ride home, but it should never be loose within the car.

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Once the puppy arrives home, it can be helpful to take it to where its bathroom will be. Any other pets should be put away, allowing the puppy to explore and get used to its new family. Puppies are often scared by new surroundings, so being comforting during the first night can be very helpful. The puppy should be given a warm and safe area to sleep, and adding any familiar toys or cloth to the sleeping area allows the puppy to feel safer.

During the first few days, it is common for puppies to have a few accidents. During this time, taking the puppy out as often as possible and praising him for going outside will establish a good housebreaking habit early.

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