Naperville Animal Hospital – Having a Pet-Friendly Easter Holiday

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With all the flowers, chocolates, and candies on hand for Easter, that holiday is often very dangerous to pets, especially cats and dogs. However, pet owners can ensure the holiday is safe for their pets by avoiding toxic items like Easter lilies. Many flowers are toxic to pets, but lilies can cause death, especially for cats. Easter grass is also dangerous if ingested by pets. It is better to substitute tissue paper.


Easter candies and chocolates are also highly toxic to pets. It is important to keep candy and chocolate out of reach of pets, especially sugar-free candy. Sugar-free candy often contains the sweetener Xylitol, which can cause liver failure and seizures in dogs and cats. Another potential threat pet owners face during Easter is Easter eggs. When owners do not find all their hidden Easter eggs, their dogs often find them and eat them. Intestinal problems occur if the eggs are several days old and spoiled.

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