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Naperville Animal Hospital

Exercise and socialization are important parts of pets’ well-being, especially among dogs. One of the best places for dogs to burn off energy and interact with others of their kind is at a dog park. However, before taking a dog to a dog park for the first time, a pet owner should have a basic understanding of dog park etiquette and safety.

For example, a dog owner should understand the difference between play and aggressive behavior between dogs. In normal play, dogs are relaxed. They might jump on each other or growl, but they are just getting to know one another and are not bullying or actually trying to hurt one another. However, if unsure if the behavior is play or if dogs seem to be getting more intense and aggressive, it’s best to separate the dogs. Pet owners should keep a close eye on the situation at all times and be ready to step in if necessary.

Naperville Animal Hospital

Additionally, dog owners should be aware that certain dogs prefer to keep their distance and play apart from other dogs due to their personalities. Therefore, interactions in a dog park shouldn’t be forced, as this can lead to problems.

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