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Naperville Animal Hospital helps pet owners provide top-quality care for their pets. With convenient hours and services, Naperville Animal Hospital makes it easy for pet owners to get expert opinions on a variety of topics, including anxiety in pets.

It is common for pets to develop some types of anxieties. For example, dogs and cats might startle when they hear loud, sudden noises, such as those caused by a thunderstorm or a loud construction project nearby. As a result of this fear and stress, pets might begin pacing back and forth, trembling, or engaging in destructive behaviors around the house. Fortunately, there are some things pet owners can do to help reduce pets’ stress in these situations.

Naperville Animal Hospital

Simply staying near pets to provide comfort can make a big difference. Additionally, having a room or particular area where pets can go for a quieter environment and increased sense of safety might also be helpful. This could be a windowless room or a small, enclosed area where sounds are muffled. Background noise, such as that from a television program, can also help reduce pets’ anxiety.

However, if a pet’s anxiety around loud noises is particularly severe, having the pet checked out by a veterinarian is often a good idea.

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