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A full-service facility in Illinois, Naperville Animal Hospital provides state-of-the-art veterinary care, along with many value-added services. To keep pets looking their best, Naperville Animal Hospital offers grooming appointments for all breeds of cats and dogs. Dog owners should know that good grooming benefits their pets’ health and well-being as well as their appearance.


Often, grooming can improve a dog’s mental state and cause it to be friendlier and happier. By contrast, a dog that does not undergo regular grooming can develop feelings of neglect and discomfort. Without grooming, some dog breeds may grow unwanted hair around their eyes, which impairs their vision and may cause them to become defensive or less active. Also, unless dogs have regular trims, their nails can grow too long and make walking difficult or painful.

In addition, regular coat care helps remove dead hair, debris, and dirt that can become a haven for parasites that can cause illnesses to both dogs and humans. A medicated bath and flea treatment by a qualified groomer can rid pets of these unwanted pests and improve their quality of life.

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Naperville Animal Hospital believes in providing the information needed to equip pet owners to care for pets through their first year of life and beyond. Providing information online, walk-in consultations, appointments, emergency services, and promotions for valuable healthcare services at Naperville Animal Hospital are a few of the ways that they keep themselves available to the community for support and education 7 days a week.
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