Naperville Animal Hospital – Microchipping your Pets – Be Safe, Not sorry!

For many of us our pets are like family. Our animals greet us when we get home like none other and love us unconditionally no matter what kind of day we’ve had! Although we love them in return, many people are at a loss when a beloved dog gets out of the backyard, and they don’t know how to go about getting their four-legged friend home safely. Sometimes putting up signs and searching the neighborhood may prove fruitless, leaving owners waiting and hoping for the best. Even though none of us like to think about losing a pet, there are resources to help ensure our animals return home safely and the professionals of Naperville Animal Hospital want to help.

Naperville Animal Hospital

Naperville Animal Hospital provides microchipping service free of cost for all first time visits with a coupon found on their website. The animal hospital believes it is important to microchip pets for owners to have the best chance possible of recovering lost animals. Microchipping is safe and simple! With a procedure much like a vaccination, an animal can have a chip inserted that a veterinarian can scan to retrieve the animal’s unique ID number. This number is then entered into the pet recovery service which will pull up the owner’s information on file.

Microchips are normally a one-time procedure that last the lifetime of your pet and both cats and dogs benefit from being microchipped. It is estimated that less than 2% of missing cats are returned home, but when micro chipped that number is increased twenty times.

Naperville Animal Hospital

To find more information about the Naperville Animal Hospital please follow the link below:

If interested in microchipping service print the following coupon and receive a free microchipping service upon your first visit:


About Naperville Animal Hospital

Naperville Animal Hospital believes in providing the information needed to equip pet owners to care for pets through their first year of life and beyond. Providing information online, walk-in consultations, appointments, emergency services, and promotions for valuable healthcare services at Naperville Animal Hospital are a few of the ways that they keep themselves available to the community for support and education 7 days a week.
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