Naperville Animal Hospital: Serving the Naperville Area

Naperville Animal Hospital has served Naperville community since 1989 in placing homeless animals in loving homes through providing discounted veterinary services and surgeries to local humane societies and rescue groups. The animal hospital is the only comprehensive care facility in the area and offers the best in pet care and personalized services for pet owners of cats, dogs, reptiles, birds, and pocket pets. Naperville Animal Hospital provides a wide array of services to their customers and works to give an added sense of comfort and reliability in everything they do.

Naperville Animal Hospital

The hospital is open seven days a week and provides emergency services as well as veterinary services on an appointment and non-appointment basis. They also have grooming services, day care, wellness programs, dog training, and boarding services. Naperville believes in helping families that have adopted rescue pets and seeing that they are well cared for throughout their lives. They offer several promotions to help families have the best possible start with their new pets including, free spay/neuter coupons, free first wellness exams, new client microchips specials, free first night of boarding, and half off of grooming fees. Empowering customers with the tools they need to be successful pet owners is important to Naperville Animal Hospital and they work to be supportive through each phase of an animal’s life.

Naperville Animal Hospital believes inviting pet owners into each step of the healthcare process allows owners to make more informed and educated decisions regarding their pet’s care. They provide handouts on their website regarding pet care as well as pet wellness programs that consist of more than just vaccines and check-ups. They explore options to enhance a pet’s wellbeing through each stage of life and work to prevent and predict diseases that may become an issue in the future. They also have special programs for puppy and kitten care as well as senior pet care, as these special stages of a pet’s life require more attention as additional concerns and health issues may arise.

Naperville Animal Hospital

Pet care resources, including a wide variety of informational articles and videos, can be found on the animal hospital’s website to assist in properly caring for your companion. Naperville also offers a non-appointment system where owners can simply come in when needed and will be seen by the first available doctor to ensure quick and efficient service.

All informational videos and articles can serve as educational tools to point pet owners in the right direction in pet care. For more in-depth questions and concerns, owners are encouraged to call the animal hospital during business hours or simply come in with their pet to be seen by one of their highly trained professionals.

Naperville Animal Hospital serves the community in a wide variety of ways to make the pet owning experience and the quality of life for each pet the best possible. To find more information regarding their services as well as informational videos and articles on pet care, follow the link below  :


About Naperville Animal Hospital

Naperville Animal Hospital believes in providing the information needed to equip pet owners to care for pets through their first year of life and beyond. Providing information online, walk-in consultations, appointments, emergency services, and promotions for valuable healthcare services at Naperville Animal Hospital are a few of the ways that they keep themselves available to the community for support and education 7 days a week.
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