Naperville Animal Hospital: Serving the Naperville Area

Naperville Animal Hospital has served Naperville community since 1989 in placing homeless animals in loving homes through providing discounted veterinary services and surgeries to local humane societies and rescue groups. The animal hospital is the only comprehensive care facility in the area and offers the best in pet care and personalized services for pet owners of cats, dogs, reptiles, birds, and pocket pets. Naperville Animal Hospital provides a wide array of services to their customers and works to give an added sense of comfort and reliability in everything they do.

Naperville Animal Hospital

The hospital is open seven days a week and provides emergency services as well as veterinary services on an appointment and non-appointment basis. They also have grooming services, day care, wellness programs, dog training, and boarding services. Naperville believes in helping families that have adopted rescue pets and seeing that they are well cared for throughout their lives. They offer several promotions to help families have the best possible start with their new pets including, free spay/neuter coupons, free first wellness exams, new client microchips specials, free first night of boarding, and half off of grooming fees. Empowering customers with the tools they need to be successful pet owners is important to Naperville Animal Hospital and they work to be supportive through each phase of an animal’s life.

Naperville Animal Hospital believes inviting pet owners into each step of the healthcare process allows owners to make more informed and educated decisions regarding their pet’s care. They provide handouts on their website regarding pet care as well as pet wellness programs that consist of more than just vaccines and check-ups. They explore options to enhance a pet’s wellbeing through each stage of life and work to prevent and predict diseases that may become an issue in the future. They also have special programs for puppy and kitten care as well as senior pet care, as these special stages of a pet’s life require more attention as additional concerns and health issues may arise.

Naperville Animal Hospital

Pet care resources, including a wide variety of informational articles and videos, can be found on the animal hospital’s website to assist in properly caring for your companion. Naperville also offers a non-appointment system where owners can simply come in when needed and will be seen by the first available doctor to ensure quick and efficient service.

All informational videos and articles can serve as educational tools to point pet owners in the right direction in pet care. For more in-depth questions and concerns, owners are encouraged to call the animal hospital during business hours or simply come in with their pet to be seen by one of their highly trained professionals.

Naperville Animal Hospital serves the community in a wide variety of ways to make the pet owning experience and the quality of life for each pet the best possible. To find more information regarding their services as well as informational videos and articles on pet care, follow the link below  :

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Tips for Taking Care of Your Senior Cat

As your cat gets older, you will have to make some adjustments. It can be difficult for cat owners to come to terms with the fact that their cat is getting older, but it is important that you maintain the animal’s quality of life and make certain changes that are required for the care and wellness of elderly cats. Experiencing life with an elderly cat will be rewarding, but it is up to you to ensure that their life is easy as they get older. Here are a few tips for taking care of your senior cat.

The first thing that you should focus on is making sure that your home is a comfortable place for your cat to live in. Many older pets suffer from arthritis, and they might find it difficult to access certain parts of your home. Make sure that the litter box is easy to enter and exit and place steps nearby your elderly cats favorite perches.

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You want to minimize that amount that they have to jump to protect their joints. Also, make sure that their beds have soft bedding.

You need to feed your senior cat a healthy diet that is suited to their health, physical condition, and lifestyle. It’s best to consult your vet regarding your cat’s diet. Some cats will need a special diet to control and prevent specific diseases. Other cats will need more nutrients or a more balanced meal. The best thing to do is consult with your veterinarian.

Naperville Animal Hospital

Make sure that you are providing your senior cat with plenty of water. Try and encourage your cat to drink water regularly and supply him or her with clean and fresh water at all times. Feeding your cat canned food is also a good way of ensuring that your cat stays hydrated. If you noticed that your cat is refusing to drink, you need to take them to a veterinarian immediately.

Keep a close eye on your cat’s weight and encourage him or her to play so that they get enough physical activity. Senior cats can have problems with either keeping weight on or with obesity. Obesity can lead to disease like diabetes, and weight loss may be a sign of an existing health concern. The diet that your cat follows will play a role in their weight and if you notice significant changes or have a concern, take your cat to your vet. Keeping your cat active to playing with them or encouraging them to play is good for their joints and muscle health. Activity will also affect their weight and prove to be a good mental stimulus for your cat.

Lastly, make sure that you have regular appointments set up with your veterinarian. You senior cat should have a check-up at least once a year, although twice a year is recommended, the older they get. Cats have a way of hiding symptoms and any signs of illness. This is why it is imperative that you bring your elderly cat in for regular check ups.

Naperville Animal Hospital is a local veterinary practice in Naperville, Illinois. They provide comprehensive medical care for all animals and tips and training programs to owners. Since they were established in 1989, they have provided discounted medical service and assisted in finding homes for over 20,000 orphaned animals.

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Three Common Mistakes that New Cat Owners Make

The first time you do anything you are likely to make mistakes, and this is no different for first time cat owners. If you adopted your cat on an impulse, this was your first mistake, but one that you will unlikely regret if you are a cat, lover. Here are three other common mistakes that new cat owners make.

New and first-time cat owners often don’t take preventive measures to control parasites that can harm your cat and you. Fleas are the most common pests, but other parasites such as mites, hookworms, tapeworms, ticks, and roundworms can cause harm to your cat and you. Talk to a vet before bringing your cat home and learn what you can do to control parasites.

Naperville Animal Hospital

A big mistake that new cat owners make is that they fail to spay or neuter their cat. Kittens are adorable, but you don’t want to have to take care of an entire bundle of them. Even if your cat is an indoor cat, all it takes is a one-time encounter with another cat, and nine weeks later you could be looking at a bundle of kittens. Get your cat fixed.

Not every cat is born with the instinct to use a litter box, and if you’ve adopted a stray or feral cat, it may not even be familiar with one. Observe your cat’s behavior around the litter box because some cats avoid the litter box for health and medical reasons, and others avoid it because they are unfamiliar with the concept. Talk to your vet about your observations.

Naperville Animal Hospital provides comprehensive medical and lifestyle care for animals in Naperville, Illinois. One of the programs they run is providing tips and training for new cat owners.

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Naperville Animal Hospital – Veterinarians

Many aspiring students hope to one day become a doctor to care for the well-being of others. Others who wish to enter the healthcare field wish to become a veterinarian and undertake the unique responsibility of caring for pets, who are often considered a part of their owners’ families. Becoming a veterinarian is no easy task, and finding a reputable Veterinarian practice to work for, such as Naperville Animal Hospital in Illinois, is often the ultimate goal. Receiving your degree and working for a well-known practice is not easy, but the benefits of helping animals in need will give satisfaction for a lifetime.

In order to become a licensed veterinarian, individuals must obtain a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from an American Veterinary Medical Association-accredited university. According to the Association of American Veterinary Colleges (AAVC), there are less than 30 veterinary schools in the United States.

Naperville Animal Hospital

Although becoming a veterinarian is a daunting and difficult task, the rewards are often worth it to those who greatly care for the well-being of animals. For instance, the veterinarians at Naperville Animal Hospital genuinely care about the health and happiness of animals and work to see that they are adopted into loving homes and well cared for throughout their lives. Naperville Animal Hospital achieves this through working with local animal shelters to provide quality healthcare to animals waiting to be adopted at minimal cost.

Naperville Animal Hospital

Veterinarians are special professionals with a unique skill set to see issues that their patients may not be able to indicate to them. The veterinarians at Naperville Animal Hospital are some of many who love working with owners and the community to spread awareness and find homes for orphaned animals in their area.

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Naperville Animal Hospital: Adopting a forever family member

With over 5 million animals entering shelters annually throughout the United States and a euthanasia rate of 3.5 million a year, the needs for pet adoptions through shelters has become increasingly important. The numbers are alarming. 60% of dogs who enter animal shelters, and 70% of cats, are euthanized in the United States each year with most lost animals never returning to their owners. Naperville Animal Hospital in Naperville, Illinois works to find homes for animals through pet adoptions and has helped to place upwards of 20,000 animals through adoption.

Adopting a pet is a serious decision. Finding the perfect companion for your family can provide a lifelong experience of happiness and love for everyone involved. Choosing the right size and breed of pet for your home and other family members, including children, is an important aspect in choosing a pet. Families should take the time to evaluate their schedules and delegate responsibilities for proper pet care before bringing a new pet into their home. Having a secondary care plan for those who frequently travel or are away from home for long stretches of time each day may also be important. Having a plan in place will alleviate stress when the time comes to find a caretaker for your pet and can make any transitions in care seamless.

Naperville Animal Hospital prides itself in providing comprehensive care for our furry friends. Taking away the worry and stress of finding veterinary services, routine care, and grooming, as well as emergency services, helps to create a more enjoyable pet owning experience. Rescuing a pet is one of the most rewarding a joyful experiences that life can offer.

Speak with your local Veterinary or shelter about adopting a rescued pet today and other ways that you can help!

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Naperville Animal Hospital – Full-Service Animal Care

As the only full-service animal hospital in the area, Naperville Animal Hospital offers a wide array of services for pet owners looking for comprehensive care for their cats or dogs. As a one-stop facility, Naperville offers veterinary services and appointments, emergency care, grooming, boarding, dog daycare, overnight observation, pet medication, pet training and training calendar, and companion laser therapy.

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Finding a clinic that offers comprehensive services makes caring for pets easier and improves the quality of care for the pet. With knowledgeable staff that grow to know your pet and how to make him or her comfortable in whatever situation may arise, whether it be grooming, overnight stays, or vaccinations, pets can find a heightened level of security being handled by familiar staff for every service used.

Naperville Animal Hospital

Having familiar doctors that are available for emergency services also provides a better chance of proper emergency care. Doctors that have handled your pet previously and have easy access to medical records are able to respond to the situation with more confidence and provide the best possible care for your pet no matter the situation.

Naperville Animal Hospital is well known for taking care of patients and their owners. With a 96% rate of satisfaction, Naperville cares about the wellness of their patients and works to meet the needs of pet owners while providing a high level of confidence and comfort. They are currently a part of American Veterinary Medical Association, Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association, Chicago Veterinary Medical Association, American Board of Veterinary Practitioners, and is also a Certified Cat Friendly Practice.

To make an appointment at Naperville Animal Hospital, call: (630) 355-5300

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Naperville Animal Hospital – Proper wellness checks and dental care for pets

Busy schedules often make us push aside appointments and wellness visits that do not seem urgent. When we are showing no obvious signs of illness we often put off these appointments until we believe we need a doctor’s care. While we should keep our health as a priority in our lives, and regular check-ups are important to catch illness and disease we may not be aware of, these types of check-ups are essential for small children and pets who cannot accurately communicate when they are experiencing something out of the norm. Naperville Animal Hospital currently offers a wellness plan for well check scheduling and an online website to store important records.

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For our pets, well visits include vaccinations and preventative care that will help our furry friends live long, healthy lives. One of the more overlooked aspects of pet health care is dental care. Proper dental care not only addresses bad breath, which may first come to mind, but it also improves and lengthens the lifespan of both dogs and cats.

Symptoms of periodontal disease, or more commonly known as gum disease, in pets include bad breath, pawing of the mouth, bleeding or swollen gums, loose or missing teeth, and weight loss or unexplained loss of appetite. Gum disease is caused by bacteria forming around the teeth that lead to infection. If not treated, this infection moves into the bloodstream and causes kidney, liver, and heart disease.

Preventive dental care with Naperville Animal Hospital includes an annual exam beginning after pets turn one-year-old, regular teeth cleaning under anesthesia, and proper home dental care such as a healthy diet, chew toys, and regular brushing.

Focusing on all aspects of your pet’s health, including dental care, will give your pet the best possible chance at a long and happy life.

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